Monday, April 6, 2009

My dress is here!

( NOTE: All photos of the actual dress are behind links at the request of Mr. H… he doesn’t want to stumble upon them accidentally.)

In early March, I was having a little crisis of faith about my dress. I had only visited two dress shops when I fell in love with the one. I'm not a sparkly, flashy gal. I like simple, romantic, clean lines with a hint of color. So when the lady at the bridal store asked our budget, I said around $300. That was the most I could possibly bear spending on something I was only going to wear once, even if it was on the most wonderful day of my life. She, then, suggested going with a bridesmaid gown saying that dress could be ivory and I could add a bit of color with a red sash.

I ordered the dress that day. It cost me $163! Excellent...

I knew I didn't want white as it would wash me out so I planned on getting ivory. I changed my mind when I looked closely at the fabric swatches and found "latte". Oh yeah, a richer, warmer, kind of ivory. After placing my order, I got super nervous about the color not being what I thought it would but on Saturday, when I tried on my dress, I knew I had made the right choice. A September wedding deserves warmer colors as does my pale, freckled skin.

Emma's dress fits great, mine needs taken in about a full size in the body. Alterations are free. (score.)

So...Drumroll, please… Finally, we get to the part of the story where I actually have a dress! (and so does Emma, doesn't she look adorable! She can never just take a normal picture.

Dress - Front

Dress - Back

Dress - Side

Emma - Front

Emma - Back

Let me know what you think!! *eek*


Allyson said...

You guys look beautiful! I really love the dresses, very pretty and elegant.

Amy's Blog said...

Gorgeous! Absolutly gorgeous!

mhayes said...

I am sooooo sorry, you know me and after hour computer stuff does not mix well. Anyway - you look like an angel - and Emma - what a rock star! I LOVE it! Can't wait to get home with you guys. Love you!!!!