Saturday, July 25, 2009

I love etsy! Lots of Little Details.

Just thought I'd post a quick update. Lots of little details have been ordered, shipped and received. We're down to 56 days until the wedding. I'm anxious, nervous, excited & super happy all at once. I've decided to change my dress from a straight-across strapless to a sweetheart neckline. Here are some of our recent goodies delivered by the most-wonderful usps. I'm sure our mail carrier is hating us right now for all the heavy packages. We're getting stuff done though...

My garter flask which will be filled with three shots of either crown royal or patron. Haven't decided which yet... Isn't it adorable!? It's a handmade by offtherecord at Etsy.

A custom banner made by Chao Bambino also at Etsy...

and 150 clear cup soy tea light candles from worthysoycandles (etsy)

Other updates:
  • The band is working on our first dance song & we're working on other music for the ceremony & reception.
  • The guys are getting measured for their tuxes this week.
  • My dress fitting & my matron of honor's dress fitting is scheduled for August 15th, the day after my bachelorette party, which I'm so looking forward to.
  • The mason jars are almost finished. Just need to buy some more ribbon.
  • I'm going to start working on the programs next weekend.
My classes start August 19th so I'm trying to get as much done as I can before then. I'm really starting to look forward to the honeymoon. lol.

Take care, I'll update again soon!