Thursday, May 28, 2009

Etsy Love: My Necklace

I'm in the process of ordering this necklace from Etsy seller RachelleD. I fell in love with her necklaces the moment I saw them. It's beautiful *eek*!

I'm getting my girls some jewelry too but I can't post them here. I have some pretty resourceful girls and I don't want them stumbling upon any of their surprises...

Off to work on the wedding website since I put the URL on the map and invitations are almost ready to go out! I'll post a link to it this weekend after I add something to it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gettin' things done

Invitations: check (still need to do wrap around labels, envelopes & map inserts)

I bought 8 of these garlands to decorate the gazebo/handrails for the stairs. I bought them at Michaels at 50% which made each cost $4.99 (score!)

Here's my decorated birdcage card holder. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Dad still needs to cut the perch out and I need to buy a cute little padlock.

Baskets for bubbles & programs (Michaels, $9.99):

Handkerchiefs I ordered from
Drew's mom's says "Thank you for raising the man of my dreams. Love, Sarah"
My mom's says "Mom, to dry your tears as you dried mine. Thank you for everything. I love you. Sarah" I LOVE THEM!!

8,000 silk red rose petals (ebay, $39.99)

Toss garter from Beautiful!!

More to come soon.... ;)


More Engagement Photos!

The first one is my favorite. Before the nipple tweak one, Will said, "we're shooting a porno" and this is what he got. haha

Photos taken by Will Leffert (


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Engagement Photos

Photos taken by Will Leffert (

I love them! I'll post the rest when we get them.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Never-ending Checklist

Things to book:
Manicure & Pedicure
Boudoir Shoot
Hairstylist/Make-Up (check)
Officiant (check, we need to meet with him)
Ceremony Site (check)
Reception Site (check)
Band (check)
Photographer (check)
Wedding Cake (check)
Honeymoon (check)
Rehearsal Dinner Site (check)

Things to Order/Buy:
My Garter
Hershey Kisses
Tea Light Candles
Table Runners (Sashes)
Reserve Table Linens from Cave Hollow
Outdoor Chairs
Head Table Skirt - Celebrations Party Shop
Drew's Ring
Gift for Drew
Guest Book Pen
Soda/Apple Cider for Reception
Cups, Plates etc.
Unity Candle
My Jewelry (check)
Shepherd's Hooks (6) (check)
Bridal Party Gifts (1/2 check)
Bridesmaid Dresses (check)
Wedding Dress (check)
Flip-Flops for Bridesmaids (check)
Parents Gifts (Mother's, check)
Red Shoes (check)
Toss Garter (check)
Spanx (check)
Emma's Hair Flowers (check)
Hair Flower (check)
Red Rose Petals (check)
Cake Serving Set (check)
Bubbles (check)

Things to Do:
Wrap Around Labels
Reserved Signs
Design Stickers for Kisses
Write Vows
Choose Readers
Talk to Lisa about White Lanterns
Talk to Raymond about Sound for Ceremony
Get mirrors from Teresa
Check w/ Tomi & Whit re: Songs
Ceremony Readings and Script
Formal Dances Music (First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Groom) (First Dance check)
Wedding Day Timeline
Register for Gifts
Reserve Kegs
Wedding Website
Make Mixed CD for Reception
Print Photos for Photo Line
Schedule Hair & Make-Up Trial (check)
Engagement Announcement in CP
Schedule Dress Fittings
Apply for Marriage License
Make List of Must-Take Pictures for Photographer (Started...)
Wrap Bridal Party Gifts
Change of Name Paperwork
Prepare Toasts or Thanks to Guests
Give Wedding-Day Directions, Schedule and Contact List to Parents, Bridal Party and Vendors
Confirm Final Payment Amounts with Vendors
Confirm Delivery Locations, Times and Final Arrangement with Baker
Pack Bags for Honeymoon
Leave Honeymoon Itinerary with Parents
Rehearse Ceremony
Drop Off Required Materials to Venue
Write Thank-You Notes for Wedding
Change of Name Paperwork
Buy Stamps for Invites
Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue (Something new and blue are done)
Guest List (check, need some addresses)
Get Engagement Photos Taken (check)
Decorate Mason Jars (1/2 check)
Ceremony Music (check)
Photography location (check)
Confirm Honeymoon Reservations (check)

Things to Make/Decorate:
Punch Holes in Cans
Ring Bearer Pillow (check)
Put Ribbons on Bubbles (check)
Flower Girl Basket
Hand Painted Wedding Signs
Ceremony Program
Wedding Day Emergency Bag
Centerpieces (1/2 check)
Bouquets & Bouts (ribbon, pins, etc.)
Finish Invitations (check)
Map/Accommodations Card (check)
Photo Sharing Cards (check)
Birdcage Cardbox (check)
DIY Cake Topper (check)

Things to Mail:
Thank-You Notes for Shower
Thank-You Notes for Wedding

Week-of-Wedding To Dos:
Rehearse Ceremony
Put Final Payments and Tips in Marked Envelopes
Wrap Bridal Party Gifts
Make Centerpieces, Bouquets & Bouts
Prepare Toasts/Thank Yous
Give Wedding-Day Schedule/Directions/Contact List to VIPs
Pack Bags for Honeymoon

Friday, May 1, 2009

I ordered my red shoes!

I love the trend of wedding shoes in the same hue as one of the wedding’s accent colors and wearing fabulous shoes is so me. Not to mention, they’ll make for great photo ops! I ordered a my red wedding shoes yesterday and here they are!!! Aren't they super hot!?

How many of you are secretly thinking I’m crazy for wanting to wearing heels for an outdoor ceremony on grass? Well don’t worry, I’ve thought this through! I found a way to do it without sinking into the grass on the way down the aisle: heel stoppers!

They come in many designs, most in clear with crystal embellishments. They make the surface of the heel wider, so you don’t sink into the ground. I love these so much that I’ll be ordering extra, so my girls can wear heels as well during the ceremony! (Ha ha, I just realized that my girls are going to know everything I’m getting/doing for them because of this blog! Oh well!)