Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Progress Update - 5 Months Left!!

I'm going to be working on invitations tonight so this is a super quick update on things we've bought for the wedding. I will update hopefully tomorrow with pictures of the invitation process. :) (excuse the picture quality, I was in hurry)

Here is our FINISHED rhinestone cake topper. It's very sparkly, much more than in the photo.

Here is the cake serving set we bought from theknot.com for $10.00 engraved!

Here is my hair flower & Emma's hair flowers. Her's were from http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5653412 and $7.50 and mine was from http://www.muscaridesign.com/and was $30. Aren't they pretty?!

Here is the birdcage I ordered for our card box. I plan on decorating it with ribbon & flowers. The basket is for Emma's flower basket. I'm going to decorate it as well. The basket was $4.99 and the bird cage card holder was $9.99 at http://www.save-on-crafts.com/.

Our living room closet has become the "wedding closet"

and if you look closely you can see my MASON jars!!

This is the look I'm going for below. My dad is going to cut up a tree that we cut down from my house. The pieces are going to be round and approx. 12" wide by 2" thick.

Okay, leave me comments & keep checking for new updates. Lots of stuff being checked off! 5 months left and we're getting stuff done.

Off to work on invites! :)


Melissa said...

the cake topper turned out great!!! i love it!!!

oh..and i totally wish i would have thought about using wood at my wedding.. i did grass...why didn't i think about wood. hehe can't wait to see it all come together.. the next 5 months will fly by...

Sarah said...


haha, I wanted to do wheat grass centerpieces but couldn't make it come together.