Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dress Shopping!

Mom, Emma & I went dress shopping today and I think I found THE dress. I tried tons of wedding dresses on but they were all either too expensive or too foo foo fancy for me. So the lady at the store suggested I check out some of the two-tone bridesmaid dresses and I found this one. I would be wearing the one on the left in ivory with a red waistband and Emma's would look the same as mine. I tried one on like it but it was completely red and it looked fantastic. AND it's only $163! What do ya think?! I love it!!


wfl said...

Word up diggity.

Bek said...

I *love* the dress! So sweet and classy. Yippee!!

The Wilson Family said...

I love them. I think it would be extra sweet that Emma would be wearing the same thing.